A Christmas Get Together

This past Friday I decided to go out with my friends to a local bar for a Christmas-themed movie and craft night.  It was super fun and I couldn’t wait to write about it.

As soon as I got off work I immediately went to meet up with my friends.  I knew I would get there before them but I wasn’t too worried because I was sure I’d get lost anyway.  I was right.  A 20 minute drive took me over an hour because I kept getting confused.  But like I said, I wasn’t worried about it because I knew my friends wouldn’t be there for a while.  I just had no idea how crazy my night would be.  I’ll get to that part in a second.

After about an hour I finally found the parking lot I was looking for and got a fairly decent spot.  However, as soon as I got out I realized I still had no idea where the bar was.  I started to walk around and managed to stumble across a really cool antique shop.  I went in to ask for directions but I knew I was going to spend a lot of time looking around anyway.  This place was great!  I couldn’t help but take a few pictures of how cool this little store was.

I absolutely fell in love!  The owner was very nice and gave me directions to the bar, so I headed out.

I stopped at a few other stores on my way down the street but as I turned the corner I saw a car stuck on the train tracks.  And the gates to stop traffic were going down, which means a train was coming!  There were a bunch of people frantically trying to push the car off the tracks and other people screaming.  I went over to try to help but it was pretty clear I was more in the way than helpful so I left again.  I could see everything happening from the bar and the only empty seats were by the window, so I watched everything.  Fortunately the police and a tow truck came in time and stopped the trains.  Everyone was fine, even the car.  But it sure did scare everyone in that area.

Once all that was over my friends showed up.  We got a drink and some food and went to the other room to watch Christmas movies.  I got a delicious vegetable and hummus sandwich.  Mmm.

There was a big group of kids sitting in front of the screen and since my friend brought her child, we sat him down with the other kids and found a spot where we could keep an eye on him (I promise this was a child-friendly event with many children there).  We had a brief cheers and looked back and her son was gone.  Yes, that’s right… in less than an hour I saw a car stuck on train tracks and then lost a baby in a bar.  Fortunately it seemed pretty obvious where to find him… right by the glowing refrigerator of juice boxes.  We found him right away and sat him back down, then found spots that were even closer to him than before.  Once our heart rates slowed down again it was time to relax and enjoy.


They played A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch, Elf, Home Alone, and a few other movies.  As the night went on more and more of our friends arrived.  We watched the movies but more often we spent the night talking and catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a while.  Unfortunately by the time we got there the craft section had run out of supplies, but we still had a ton of fun!  Plus this bar donates its proceeds to global hunger relief funds, which is a really cool bonus.

Halfway through the night they cut off the movies for a brief intermission.  It was a local A Capella group who stopped by to sing some Christmas carols!  They were great and an awesome part of the night.


Overall it was super fun.  It was great to see friends and catch up on such a festive night.  I’m glad I got to spend it with some really wonderful people.

How are you celebrating your holidays?



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