The 1975 Concert

Last night was one of the best nights of my entire life.  I got to see The 1975 in concert!!!  The 1975 is one of my absolute favorite bands of all time, so seeing them live in concert made my entire year.

Thanks to weird situations at work, I ended up getting off at 1pm.  Woo hoo!  It was great to have lots of extra time for relaxing and getting ready.  At 5:30pm my friend came to pick me up and we headed out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant around the corner from my apartment.  We got dinner and happy hour margaritas then it was 7pm and time to head off!

The concert was super close so we got there almost immediately.  Our tickets were basically general admission to the seating area closest to the stage and we happened to find seats straight back from the stage with only one row in front of us.  I don’t think we could have had a better view without being front row of the standing area.  It took a little less than an hour from finding our seats for the concert to start.

I can’t even begin to explain how great it was.  The graphics on the stage behind them alone was enough to make the whole thing worthwhile.  There were tons of colors and optical illusions to go along with the mood/theme of each song and Matt Healy, the lead singer, connected with the audience in a way I’ve never seen before.

If you ever get the chance to see this band live I highly recommend going to this concert.  They have so much talent, love their fans, and put incredible effort into providing the best show possible.  I spent the rest of the night with a huge smile on my face because of them.

When the show was over we randomly decided to stop off for a nightcap at a local brewery.  We sat and played board games, talked about the concert and life in general, then went home to sleep.

Unfortunately in the middle of the night there was a minor family emergency and I ended up needing to get my family’s dog.  So I pretty much spent all day today cuddling and petting my favorite dog on this planet… Tough life.  (Everything is fine with my family now, by the way).  We watched movies and YouTube videos together, went for a short walk, and got lots of good pets in. 🙂  Right now my puppy and I are watching the University of Michigan football game- Go Blue!- and relaxing.  This weekend is barely half over and has already been some of the happiest days I’ve had in a loooongggg time.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?




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