My First Friday in Years

Well, now that a few days have passed I feel more comfortable writing about what happened in the last post.  After being a bar tender for 3 and a half happy, challenging and often frustrating years… I got the call that the bar is closed and I am no longer employed there.  On the one hand, I have wanted to get out of the food service industry for a while now and it was a huge gift to be handed a way out that didn’t hurt anyone involved.  My sadness came from having a huge chapter of my life come to a close with no warning and no chance to say goodbye or get closure.  Thankfully I have another job that I love deeply and has supported me immensely in the past few days to help me transition easily.

With that said… Yesterday was my first Friday night in more than 3 years that I had all to myself without another major commitment or feeling guilty for taking time off work.  And boy, was it a doozy.

As soon as I got out of work I headed straight to my sorority sister’s house, who is one of my best friends in the entire world and in my heart, truly is my sister.  She invited me over for a girl’s night because she knew I was bummed out about losing the bar and she wanted to cheer me up.  When I got there we went straight to the couch for girl talk.  We caught each other up on all the crazy twists and turns our lives have taken recently (and cuddled her cats of course… duh).

When we had caught up sufficiently she picked up a stack of scratch off lotto cards and handed one to me.  She told me she had a bunch and I could give one a shot.  I thought that was pretty cool of her so she handed me a penny and I started to see if I had won anything.  I had to get 3 of the same image in a row to win.  The first line was clearly nothing so I moved on to the second line.  Nothing again.  I moved onto the third line and realized I had gotten 3 in a row of something!  I said, “Hey we won something!” then realized it was 3 baby pacifiers.  Huh?  I kept scratching to the bottom and low and behold….


What?!  I’m going to be an aunt!  She has wanted a child for so long and tried so hard.  I totally lost it.  I don’t want to say her name because she is still keeping it quiet until she’s farther along, but I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot more about my niece/nephew in the blogs to come!

Obviously this called for a celebration.  Since we’re both sushi addicts, we went to a nearby sushi restaurant to celebrate and talk about all the details.  Don’t worry… she was very careful with her order and didn’t get anything that could be potentially harmful to the baby.  The food was incredible, but I think the company and the topic of conversation was even better.  I wouldn’t let her stop telling me everything about how she found out, how she feels, what her plans are, etc.

When dinner was over we went back to her home to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Go USA!  We had both had long, full days so I left early to go home and pretty much immediately fall asleep.  Not too bad for my first Friday in years hanging out with people who aren’t paying me to spend time with them.  😉

Like I said, there is always sadness when important pieces of your life come to an end, but last night showed me how much I have to look forward to now.  I have so much more time and energy available to me to see my friends, partake in their amazing lives, live my own amazing life and just be present in the world.  For so long it felt like I was working my life away.  Now I have the opportunity to live it completely, and I will.  And you’re coming along with me.

Go out today and do something that brings you joy,



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