Special Day Off

Well today I got a special day off that I didn’t expect!  I’ve been working so hard that my supervisor gave me the day to relax.  Yay!  I’ve been dying to buy some board games so I can get a group of my friends together for a game night but I never seem to find the time.  Today turned out to be that day.

I went downtown to explore but I knew in my heart that this store was the one I was headed for.  The upstairs is a comic book store, while the downstairs has a ton of different board game options.  I was keeping an eye out for one that I’ve heard good things about called Betrayal at House on the Hill and guess what… I found it!  I was taking a huge leap by guessing it would be there but I was right.  As I was walking away I saw another one that jumped out at me called Mysterium.  I just felt in my heart that I had to get it too, so I grabbed it and went straight for the cash register before I got too sucked into all the cool things to buy there.


As I was standing in line a couple got in line behind me and saw what I was holding.  They instantly got my attention to tell me what great games I had picked out.  Apparently they used to play them all the time back in their home town and couldn’t get enough of both of them.  Then it was my turn at the cash register and the moment I put the games down the cashier said the exact same thing to me… that she has these games and thinks they’re amazing.  I guess I did a good job picking games.  Now I’m extra excited to have a game night with my friends!

I left the store and decided to window shop a little bit since I don’t get to make it downtown very often and there are tons of neat little shops.  Unfortunately, as I was wandering around I got a pretty sad phone call and got derailed from having fun.  I spent the next few hours crying and calling/texting my friends and family.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this part of the story but I think right now I’m ok with talking about my feelings without going into detail about what happened until I process some more.  I believe in embracing emotions.  They’re what prove to us that we’re human.  One of my favorite pieces of advice that I’ve gotten through my life is to feel your emotions but don’t become your emotions.  Also, there’s no such thing as a “wrong” or “right” emotion.  Emotions just are.  They evolve and they’re unique to each individual.  By embracing how I felt I’m already starting to move through those feelings and closer to closure.  The call that I got was pretty sad, but there are a lot of positives of what happened to go along with it.  I’m allowing myself to grieve the loss wholeheartedly but to also be grateful for the gifts I just received from that same loss.

As they say, when one door closes a window opens.  I just got one really special, meaningful door closed to me and about a hundred windows opened up.  Maybe it’s not a coincidence that I started this blog when I did.  Maybe I’m meant to document this new journey in my life.  I guess we’ll see where this takes me.

Until next time, stay positive.



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